FAQs - Goliath Solar & Electrical


Everyone wants to know how much a battery is how much it will add to savings. The simple answer is the costs of batteries are not worth the outlay just yet.

Even though in theory batteries are an excellent idea, unfortunately we are still 2+ years away from them being a good investment and making your money back, plus some. If batteries were worthwhile everyone would be advertising them on TV as there is a mass market in South Australia.

Currently there are batteries in the market from as little as $4,000 up to $25,000+ and that doesn’t include installation or the cost of an inverter to make it happen. Now, of course the price difference all comes down to the brand, type of battery, size or in solar terms ‘usable kW/h storage’ however, no combination will put you well ahead financially.

Once you decide to go solar we will lodge all your approvals with SA power networks and your energy retailer, it generally takes 4-6 weeks for your energy retailer to get your meter changed to a solar ready meter. We will have your solar system installed before your meter is changed so when it is changed you can just switch it on and start saving.

The installation process generally takes 1 full day. We do ask that you are home at the beginning of the day so we can run though the panel and inverter location. But other than that you are more than welcome to go to work or you can spend the day with our friendly installation team at your home.

In the rare case there is an issue, call Goliath Solar & Electrical. We will liaise with your inverter or panel manufacturer and get the issue sorted in a timely manner. The beauty of using a company our size is that we have the office staff and employees to get the issue sorted quickly.

We are a local South Australian company that is an electrical company first and foremost. As we approach 10 years in business, we are proud that we are recognised for our customer service and the high level workmanship that is expected from qualified tradesmen.