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If you can please fill in Part 1 & Part 2 below to book in a time with a solar consultant to call you to provide a free (no obligation) quote, tailored to your needs via an initial 30 minute phone call.

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    Name (As Per Driver's Licence)
    Please be advised, we service areas within 2 hours drive from the Adelaide CBD.
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    Generally we ask that you allow 3 weeks at a minimum, and up to 6 weeks lead time for all new solar installation bookings.

    3. Roof Type? *

    Apologies - if your roof is terracotta, tin tile or pressed tin, we may be unable to install solar on your roof due to the risk of roof damage during installation.

    4. How Many Stories? *

    Please note, if your roof is above 27 degrees and / or double or multiple story, we may not be able to install solar at your property due to safety concerns for our installers. In some cases we can proceed with installation if scaffolding is erected. This can add around $500 - $2,000 to the install cost of your solar system but is paramount for the safety of our team.

    5. Do You Require Finance? *

    Whilst we choose not to offer direct finance at Goliath for ethical reasons, we are happy to provide you with a list of market leading, low interest loan providers for your consideration.

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    You can also have a chat with one of our solar consultants for a solar quote. Please select the consultant below and book for a phone call.

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    Part 3 : Upload Your Images (Optional)

    Please Upload The Following Items:
    1. A Recent Electricity Bill
    2. A Photo Of Your Meter Box / Sub Board Opened, From A Meter Away
    3. House Plans (For New House Builds Only)
    • If you are on a DESKTOP PC, please re-name your files to include your name.
    • If you are on a MOBILE, simply submit images from your camera roll.


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