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Our quoting process involves an initial 30 minute phone call with a solar consultant who will provide a free (no obligation) quote tailored to your needs. Should you like our offer we send one of our own in house employed solar installers to complete a site inspection including roof measurement before asking for a deposit or signature

If you can please complete Part 1 to book a call back using below calendar link and also fill in Part 2 with your details. Once booked in we will send yourself an email re what we require to provide an accurate quote.

    Part 1 : Book a time for an initial phone call with your preferred solar consultant (Required)

    To confirm phone call appointment time please accept all cookies, make sure you complete all details required for calendar in part 1 & once completed please select the green button "Confirm Booking" than continue to part 2

    Part 2 : Provide Your Details (Required)

    Please be advised, we service areas within 1.5 hours drive from the Adelaide CBD.

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    We currently have around a 3 week lead time for installations.

    3. Roof Type? *

    Apologies - if your roof is terracotta, tin tile or pressed tin, we are unable to install solar on your roof due to the risk of roof damage during installation.

    4. How Many Stories? *

    Please note, if your roof is above 27 degrees and / or double or multiple story, we may not be able to install solar for our installers safety. In some cases we can proceed with installation using edge protection/scaffolding during build process. This can add around $300 - $1,000+ to the install cost of your solar system but is paramount for the safety of our team.

    5. Do You Require Finance? *

    We suggest speaking to police credit union or Plenti re finance options.

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    To finalise your booking, please ensure you hit submit at the bottom of the page.


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