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Battery Storage

Further to installing a Solar System onto your property, Goliath Solar and Electrical can install a compatible Battery System to your home or business to store your excess energy for later use. It’s important to note, that Battery Storage is not for every customer or for every application, but our team can work with our customers to provide solutions to maximise your investment in a Solar and Battery system.

Currently in South Australia, the State Government’s Home Battery Scheme has been providing residential customers with a subsidy to reduce the out of pocket cost associated with purchasing a Battery System. The aim of the program was to provide a subsidy to 40,000 homes to install a system, which in addition would reduce demand on the network (especially during peak periods) and in turn, provide lower energy prices for all South Australians.

Goliath Solar and Electrical are excited to be involved in the South Australian home battery scheme. If you have ever considered battery storage or your decision is more an environmental one, now might be the time to chat with us

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Since the launch of the Home Battery Scheme in October 2018, the uptake of the Scheme has been very positive, with the number of subsidy applications being made each month rapidly accelerating towards the target of 40,000 homes. Over time the subsidy has been reduced from the initial amount of $6,000 to the current amount of $2,700

The scheme is set for another reduction in 2021 with the maximum subsidy to be $2,000. Below is the Step Four reduction in subsidy, which is predicted to come into effect from September 2021

Secure Your $2,000* SA Government Subsidy For Home Battery Storage Before It Reduces Again!

Subsidy Effective As September 2021
Energy Concession Holder $250 per kWh, up to $2,000
All Other Households $150 per kWh, up to $2,000
Maximum Subsidy / Install $2,000
*Special Details:

Subsidy applications that are lodged and conditionally approved will be eligible for the Step Four Subsidy levels (as listed above) and cap ($2,000).

Households can ensure that they receive the current subsidy levels by:

  1. Requesting and accepting a quote from an authorised System Provider.
  2. Working with their System Provider to ensure that they have received conditional approval for their subsidy within the Plenti platform.
  3. Ensuring that their System Provider installs their approved home battery system within the timeframes outlined in the Scheme's Subsidy Terms of 12 months for new builds and 6 months for all other properties.

The South Australian Government will be monitoring uptake throughout the year and further incremental reductions in the subsidy may occur before the end of the year.

brands we Offer

HBS Tesla Battery

Tesla Powerwall 2

Goliath Solar & Electrical are a Certified Installer of Tesla Powerwall, which means we can help you install a battery and solar system to maximise your access to the natural energy resource of the sun and power your home with clean, sustainable energy.

  • End to end, stress free install by Goliath.
  • 13.5kWh lithium-ion battery.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors.
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Joining a VPP can be a smart way to optimise the return in investment on your residential solar and battery system.

A virtual power plant (VPP) is a network of distributed energy resources - such as residential solar and battery systems - that all work together as a single power plant.

For more insight read our introductory blog : What is a Virtual Power Plant?