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REC Solar Panels & SolarEdge Inverter

For those old enough to remember, there was always that moment of truth when you would untangle the Christmas tree lights and plug them in only to find one light bulb was busted – meaning all the lights wouldn’t work!

Figuratively speaking, solar panels work similar to Christmas tree lights. So if one panel is shaded the other panels connected in the same string think they’re shaded also. This is why some look to the SolarEdge solution, which allows each panel to work individually by using an inverter on your wall and plugging an optimiser underneath every panel.

A bonus is the SolarEdge system allows you to view each and every panel’s performance live, has a longer than most 12 year warranty on the inverter and a 25 year warranty on the optimisers. Full disclosure, SolarEdge inverters and optimisers are made in China.

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