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Why We’re Rated One Of The Best Solar Installers In Adelaide

When you’re first looking at installing solar power for your South Australian home or business, chances are one of the first things you’ll google is who are the best solar panel installers in my area?

No doubt you’ll also want to know, why are they the best?

At Goliath Solar, we pride ourselves on ranking highly in the Adelaide Solar Installer market – but our playbook isn’t about finding shortcuts or winning awards, it’s about what we do every day by doing the right thing that translates into happy customers. 

Evaluating A Solar Company’s Values

Our top 5 tips on what to look for when selecting a solar installer in Adelaide:

  1. SA Owned Companies
  2. Use Their Own Installers – No Contractors
  3. Complete A Site Inspection Before Charging A Deposit
  4. Electricians With Passion For Solar Energy
  5. Able To Offer Ongoing Support & Warrantee Confidence In Years Ahead

Leaders in Solar Installer Guides

One of the best comparative websites to start looking for solar experts at is Finn Peacock’s SolarQuotes. Here at Goliath Solar we have massive respect for the way SolarQuotes promotes renewable energy, providing relevant guides, up to date reviews and quotes, to help with choosing a top solar installer for your project.

At the time of writing this blog, we’re pleased to report that Goliath Solar are:

  • Listed in SolarQuotesTop 3 Solar Installers, Australia Wide, (see top right of page).
  • In SolarQuotes‘ Top 3 Australian Solar Installers, we are No.2 in South Australia.
  • Across all of Australia we have the Highest Star Rating for a company with 600+ reviews. View our profile.
  • Rated as a SolarQuotes Platinum Solar Installer (100+ reviews). View all ratings.

How To Interpret The SolarQuotes Ratings

1. The Star Ratings

The Star Ratings on SolarQuotes are collated based on customers giving a review out of 5 stars for each of the following areas for their install:

  • Value
  • System Quality
  • Customer Service
  • Installation

For example, Goliath rates particularly highly on the customer service and installation side of things, at 4.9 to 4.95 Stars, which we feel is reflective of our commitment to deliver top notch trusted solar install services to our local community.

2. The Total Number of Customer Reviews

SolarQuotes also rates each company based on longevity and productivity, which helps distinguish the experienced professional operators from the novices and less than ethical types:

  • Unrated (less than 15 Reviews)
  • Silver (15+ Reviews)
  • Gold (50+ Reviews)
  • Platinum (100+ Reviews)

Goliath has 450+ Reviews!

My advice here is to simply look at the total number of customer reviews and cross reference them with higher end star ratings (4.6+ Stars) to help quantify the results and shortlist those companies, like Goliath Solar, who are excelling consistently over time. 

Also take a minute to scroll right down to any company’s very first review, ours dates back to May 2012. The timeline is a relatively new SolarQuotes feature, and is great for checking out how long a company has been in business. Some companies may have lots of reviews but have only been in business for 12 to 18 months. We’ve built a wealth of know how and experience in our 7+ years in business.

How Goliath Solar Will Look After You

Whatever questions you may have about your solar install, our team will be able to talk you through it step by step. Our promise is a smart, clear and helpful sales team who won’t push you into anything. Goliath Solar have the highest standards, are CEC Approved, and only use reputable branded panels, inverters and batteries. We look forward bringing our A-game to your main frame!

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