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Who Is The Best Value Energy Retailer In SA?

I get asked Who’s the best electricity retailer to be with? and Who’s got the best feed in tariff in SA? on the daily. The answers to these questions will of course enable you to get the best solar power savings for the new and existing solar systems we install throughout South Australia. The challenge is knowing where to look for the information, and keeping up with energy retailer industry price changes – which can be tricky even for us solar experts!

Just when we seem to know the ins and outs of all the fine print, the retailers will release a new plan promising higher feed in tariffs and pay on time discounts, plus even finer fine print!

The Complexity of Comparisons

I could sit here and run through some of the best offers in the market for you today, however the truth is tomorrow the retailers could change their deals. More importantly the best deals for your household may not be the best deals for your neighbours’ household.

For example, Origin currently offer a plan with a higher 18c feed in tariff and less pay on time discount than competitors. Now this may be the best plan for a household with low electricity usage and an affordable 6.6kW solar system, thanks to a good solar rebate. However it may be a bad deal for a high usage household, even with a very affordable 13.3kW solar system.

In contrast, Alinta offer a really good pay on time discount, however their 6.8c feed in tariff is really low; yet we have clients with a 13.3kW+ solar system who are with Alinta due to cheap electricity, as they still draw lots of power from the grid while they wait for batteries to become more affordable.

Assess Your Needs

As you can see, it’s really important you take your entire energy generation and consumption situation into account, such as past solar feed in and average daily usage from the grid. My advice is that to best match your situation with the better deal on the market, you have a few options:

1) Spend 2.5 hours trawling the internet and checking over all the energy retailers’ electricity price fact sheets (don’t worry I have done it many times!).

2) Save some time and use the links below, which have been set up to help you make an educated decision:



Loyalty Pays

Generally speaking the larger retailers at AGL, Origin, Simply Energy and Energy Australia are all competitive with each other. I’m a big believer in loyalty though and so too are our staff, with all our electrical apprentices having stayed with Goliath Solar and Electrical as installers once qualified.

Use our links to find the best deals and for loyalty’s sake, lets pray your current retailer is on that list! If so give them a call and grab that great deal, if not use it as leverage to get a better deal. Just between us, you generally can’t get a better feed in tariff than your current plan with your existing retailer, however you are often able to get a better pay on time discount which can end up meaning more savings for you.

Armed with the useful links from www.solarquotes.com.au and www.energymadeeasy.gov.au you now have the tools to work out the best deal for your situation. 

For further info check out our Top Energy Retailers Comparison Guide which is an up to date cheat sheet on latest energy deals, updated monthly.

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